Diasporap, Vol. 2 by Cliowen

Free Download Diasporap, Vol. 2 MP3 and FLAC
  • Artist: Cliowen
  • Album Genres: Hip-Hop/Rap, Music, Worldwide
  • Release Date: 2020-09-11
  • # of Tracks: 18
  • Album Duration: 02:59


PlayIntro (feat. Gandhi Le Metronome) by Cliowen (01:16)

PlayBlack Wattaguan (feat. Gandhi Le Metronome) by Cliowen (02:35)

PlayDi Yo!!! (Diasporap Vol. 2) (feat. Blaze One, Black Fefe & Machal) by Cliowen (03:48)

PlayLè Cash La Tonbe by Cliowen (03:18)

PlayMadmwazel Plede Bay (feat. Steves J Bryan & jdkey) by Cliowen (03:57)

PlayCocktail Molotov by Cliowen (03:39)

PlayAyisyen (feat. Ded KRA-Z) by Cliowen (03:51)

PlayFanm Pwoblèm (feat. jdkey) by Cliowen (03:02)

PlayMy Story by Cliowen (03:15)

PlayDifikilte, Pwoblèm (feat. Twenty One & 35zile) by Cliowen (03:42)

PlayMwen Chanje (feat. jdkey) by Cliowen (03:50)

PlayPiti Canado A by Cliowen (02:54)

PlayDope Party by Cliowen (02:46)

PlayOu Kwè Se Mwen? by Cliowen (03:00)

PlayPa Etenn Li (feat. Grebino, Skellet & BizouNoDrama) by Cliowen (05:58)

PlayM’kenbew (feat. Ux) by Cliowen (04:12)

PlayRap À Hauteur D’homme by Cliowen (03:55)

PlayMet Prezan Remix (feat. MechansT & Lifah) by Cliowen (03:56)

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